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New Stigler Office Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Cookson Hills Electric building a new headquarters facility?

The Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative (CHEC) headquarter facilities in Stigler has served the employees and members well for more than 50 years. However, we cannot escape the challenges facing the aging facilities. The administrative office, garage and warehouse were first built in the early 1960’s and the cooperative has now outgrown these facilities.

When the headquarter facilities were built over 50 years ago, the cooperative served approximately 4,522 meters and operated 1,480 miles of line with 2 substations. This was accomplished with 10 employees. Today we serve over 17,674 meters and operate 2,869 miles of line with 14 substations. This is accomplished with 52 employees.

To maintain the quality of service to the membership and to manage the growth of the cooperative we will need to add more employees to keep up with the administration and operations of the cooperative. CHEC has no additional office space to house future employees at the headquarter facilities in Stigler, OK.

As you might expect, new methods and new technologies require CHEC employees to do their jobs in much different ways than they did 50 years ago. Information Technology was not even a concept when the facility was built. Our ability to adapt or fully integrate some of the latest utility technologies is constrained due to the configuration and physical characteristics of the existing building.

As for the existing building, it has experienced two major floods and a tornado which ripped off a portion of the roof. The roofing system now leaks during storms as well as water infiltration through doors and other openings. Recently standing water has been discovered in an abandoned under floor duct system. This water can cause mold and pose possible health risks.

Many other issues surround the existing building. Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for building accessibility is extremely difficult and costly in older facilities. The existing building layout has limited flexibility for modifications due to load bearing masonry walls within the construction.

The Stigler office building does not meet current industry standards for insulation and does not have energy efficient exterior windows. The current heat pump cooling and heating system is over 20 years old and very costly to upgrade.

As for federal and state regulatory issues, the need for major equipment improvements, as well as site security, demands attention to be in compliance. Public and regulatory expectations for electric utilities to protect critical infrastructure, as well as member identity information, have become critical over the years. New equipment and employees will be required to stay in compliance.

As you can see, there are many issues to consider as the Board continues to study options for meeting the future needs of Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative. In the next few months we will keep you informed as we work through the details in constructing the new headquarter facilities in Stigler, OK.

Where will the new facility be located?

The Cookson Hills Electric Stigler headquarters office will remain at: 1002 E. Main St., Stigler, OK 74462.

Who will design the new facility?

Newcomb Associates Architect and Engineering, Inc.

Will my rates increase because of the new facility?

Your rates could increase because of the new facility; however, any increase caused by the new construction will most likely be very minimal. We do not have any plans to increase electric rates to pay for the new facility.

How will Cookson Hills pay for the new facility?

The construction of the new facilities will be financed through a combination of debt and general funds.

Why is Cookson Hills building a new facility instead of renovating the existing facility?

It would cost members more to renovate the existing 1960’s building, and bring it up to required compliance codes, than it would cost to tear down the existing facilities and build a new structure.

Where will the temporary Cookson Hills offices be located while the new facilities are being constructed?

Construction will begin on the south side of the existing warehouse for a garage area. We will utilize this area with temporary offices as the new building is being constructed. Included with the temporary office will be a lobby and drive through for the members to utilize for payments. After the new building is constructed, we will tear out the temporary offices and this area will be the garage area for the cooperative’s equipment.

The plans are to keep the offices open as normal, but there may be a few times that a temporary closure may occur. If this happens, it will be kept as minimal as possible. The total construction may take up to 24 months but this should have no impact on the electric service that Cookson Hills provides to its members.


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