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On Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 11:59 pm CT, an update will be made to the
Payment Gateway system.  This update may impact members making payments
via Smarthub or our website.  Members using older browsers such as Internet
Explorer 6 and 7, will need to upgrade their browser to make payments using
Smarthub and E-bill.


From quality customer service to assisting schools, rural water districts and rural fire departments, Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. is committed to assisting the members and communities we serve. It's all a part of our dedication as your local energy partner.
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All members paying by phone must use the Pay-by-Phone system through our dedicated Secure Payment toll-free number.  The Secure Payment number is (888) 678-1937.  Please note that the Secure Payment toll-free number is separate from our customer service/outage toll-free number (800-328-2368).  

Cookson Hills Electric is pleased to announce the opening of the new headquarters office at 1002 East Main Street in Stigler, which is at the same location as the previous building. CHEC plans to host an open house at the new headquarters office later this year.  The date of the open house will be announced at a later date.

Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative's Board of Trustees and Employees wishes you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Offices will be closed on November 27th and 28th for Thanksgiving and Deccember 24th and 25th so our employees may celebrate Christmas with their families.  Offices will be closed on January 1st in celebration of New Year's Day as well.  Call 800-328-2368 if you are experiencing any problems with your service.

Cookson Hills Electric has a NEW PHONE SYSTEM.
The local number at Stigler, 918-967-4614, will no longer be available.  Please call
800-328-2368 if you need to contact the Stigler office to report an outage and for customer inquiries or customer service.  If you need to speak to an operator or if you need to report an outage, please continue to call us toll-free at 800-328-2368 if you live anywhere in CHEC's service territory, or dial 918-775-2211 if you live in the Sallisaw area.

PLEASE NOTE:  The phone number in in the Sentinel Directory for Haskell County is incorrect in the yellow pages and white pages.  Please call 800-328-2368.

CHEC has contracted with Wolf Tree Inc. to clear right-of-way areas in Haskell and Sequoyah Counties during 2014 and 2015.  Wolf has finished cutting and clearing around the Stigler substation in Haskell County. Wolf Tree began working the area around Liberty substation and they are concentrating their efforts there at this time.  They anticipate completion of that project in Sequoyah County in May, 2015.  Then, they will move to Haskell County to begin clearing lines around the Enterprise substation.   

Wright Tree Service will continue to trim right-of-way for service orders, yard trees, and hot spots that demand immediate attention in our service territories.  If you have any questions concerning right-of-way issues, please contact us at 918-775-2211 or 800-328-2368.


as your phone number changed?
Did you disconnect your home phone?
Do you have a cell phone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is likely that you need to update your account information here at Cookson Hills Electric (CHEC).

Please take a moment to update your information.

Thank you for your assistance!

Together We Save

Recently, a number of utility customers have been targeted by scammers claiming to be a collections agent. The caller will impersonate the utility company claiming their bill is overdue and needs to be paid immediately. If refused, they will threaten disconnection.

Below is a list of generalizations that seem common among these cases:
  • Sometimes the scammers would have the account number and amount due. We believe this information was obtained through some type of social engineering. Of the cases reported to NISC (the company which provides our billing software), they have investigated and have had no reason to believe any of the NISC systems were compromised.  These cases were from their members nationally.
  • Typically a prepaid debit card number has been requested. In most cases, they even provided a callback number in case a prepaid debit card was not immediately available.
  • Caller ID numbers have been spoofed to look as if it is actually the utility company calling.
  • Typically commercial type accounts have been targeted as information may be easier to obtain.
  • Several larger electric utilities have already been targeted.
Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CHEC) does not contact our members and request payment over the phone.  Please be aware of scammers claiming to be a collections agent.  If you have any questions about this issue, feel free to contact CHEC at 800-328-2368 or 918-775-2211.

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