The 72nd Annual Meeting of Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative

New LocationStigler High School Parking Area

New FormatDrive-thru

The 72nd Annual Meeting of Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative will take place Saturday, October 3rd in the Stigler High School parking area located at 1235 N.W. 7th Street in Stigler. While we had hoped members and staff could enjoy visiting with each other as they have at past Annual Meetings, we have decided to make changes this year to help minimize risks associated with COVID-19. With the health and safety of our members and staff being our top priority, this year’s meeting will be conducted in a drive-thru format. Simply put, you will be able to attend the meeting while remaining in your vehicle as you proceed in a designated line through the parking area. (See map) Please note that wait times may be significant in length. If you, or passengers in your vehicle have medical conditions, or find it difficult to spend an extended amount of time in a vehicle, please make preparations accordingly. Be watching your mailbox for the official notice letter which contains detailed information regarding the meeting. These notice letters are being mailed out the week of September 14th, and we ask you tobring this notice with you to the meeting. The notice letter will help streamline the registration process, and also qualifies members for a $20 credit toward your account. While we are disappointed that we won’t get to spend time visiting as one big cooperative family this year, we are still excited to see our valued members attend this year’s Annual Meeting in the safety and comfort of your vehicle. Please call Brad Martin at 800-328-2368 with any questions you may have. We hope to see you there!