New Construction

Welcome to Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative! We look forward to providing your electrical service. It is the intention of the cooperative and its employees to provide you with electricity as quickly as possible. In order to do so, the steps listed below will advise you of the things you will need to do and have available for your new service.

When you contact the office initially, you will need to supply certain information that will be helpful in getting your service built as quickly as possible.

  1. Name, address, and a phone number where you can be reached.
  2. Legal and physical description of the property.
  3. Driving directions.
  4. Permanent residence with complete kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  5. CHEC will provide up to $3,500 of the construction costs to provide electric service to a residence. Any construction costs exceeding $3,500 must be paid by the member and must be paid in advance. No credit will be issued for residential electric services when construction costs are less than $3,500. Member shall be responsible for all fees and deposits as required.
    1. State-approved septic system.
    2. Drinkable water
    3. Foundation poured

After our staking engineer has staked your job you will need to do the following:

  1. Come into the office and fill out an application for service. If you would like a security light, apply for it at this time.
  2. Pay the $25.00 New Service Connect fee.
  3. A deposit may be required.
  4. A ROW easement or easements may be required. This will include the legal description of the property and must be signed before a notary.  The ROW Easement must be filed at the courthouse and a copy brought to our office.
  5. Any right-of-way clearing required to complete the service is the responsibility of the consumer/member. The minimum width is 30 feet.
  6. Proof of accessible water supply and perk test from Oklahoma State Health Department.
  7. All mobile homes are required by State Law to furnish a breaker box as described below.
    • Breaker box is equal to the service capacity of the mobile home.
    • An Offset Nipple.
    • A Hub matched to the breaker box.
    • Two lock rings.
    • Plastic bushing.
  8. Bring the breaker box, hub, nipple, two lock rings, and plastic bushing to the office. We will install these items for you when we build your New Service. You will be responsible for running your underground wire from below the meter. It must be placed in conduit and buried.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions. 800-328-2368 Stigler Office or 918-775-2211 Sallisaw Office.