Capital Credits

Electric cooperatives are not-for-profit organizations owned by the members we serve. Those that have signed a membership agreement for electric service from Cookson Hills Electric are members.  Capital credits reflect each member's ownership in and contribution of capital to the cooperative.  At the end of each year, Cookson Hills Electric subtracts operating expenses from the operating revenue collected during the year.  The balance is called an operating margin.  Margins are allocated to members as capital credits based on how much electricity you purchased during a particular year.  

We keep a record of the amount of money each customer is due. The profits are allocated back to our members based on how much energy they used in that year.

Our board of trustees determines the schedule for repaying capital credits.  Many times, members have moved away from the area, and we have a difficult time locating them.  It is very important for our members to keep us informed of their current address so they will receive their capital credit checks.

Unfortunately, many members move away from the area, and we have no means of contact at that point.  As a result, we have unclaimed capital credits.  How, you may ask, do I know if I have unclaimed capital credits. We run a listing of names in our Hot Watts publication during the months of May and June each year to publicize our unclaimed capital credits.  Also, at any time our members and former members may contact our office at 800-328-2368 to inquire if they have unclaimed dollars.