To establish procedures and conditions which safeguard the Cooperative’s members and the general public from potentially dangerous electrical conditions.


Cooperative members and the general public should never come into contact with electrical power lines.  When potentially hazardous conditions are observed, Cooperative members and the general public should alert the Cooperative to the condition.


  1. The Cooperative, in the construction, operation and maintenance of its electrical system, will at all times adhere to the provisions outlined in the most current edition of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), unless specifically required by other authorities to do otherwise.

  2. It is the responsibility of each employee, contractor, Cooperative member and general public member to report to the cooperative all unsafe conditions which any such person observes on the Cooperative’s electrical system.  Any employee, contractor, Cooperative member or member of the general public, upon finding a power line in an unsafe condition or a condition not in compliance with NESC clearances should immediately notify the Cooperative’s dispatcher concerning the unsafe condition.  Cooperative employees and contractors should stand by to guard against hazardous conditions until they are relieved, or until the defect is corrected.  Cooperative members and members of the general public are not expected to stand by to guard against hazardous conditions, but should notify, in addition to Cooperative personnel, law enforcement and emergency personnel respecting the unsafe condition.

  3. Members of the Cooperative and the general public should always assume that a downed power line or a sagging power line is unsafe.  The Cooperative and law enforcement authorities should be notified when such a condition is observed.  Contact with power lines, whether downed or not, can result injury or death and must be avoided.

  4. If any Cooperative member or member of the general public inadvertently comes into contact with a power line, the incident should be reported immediately to the Cooperative.  If there are injuries, emergency medical personnel should be contacted immediately.  FURTHER CONTACT WITH THE POWER LINE SHOULD BE STRICTLY AVOIDED, AND THE INCIDENT SHOULD BE REPORTED IMMEDIATLEY TO THE COOPERATIVE.  IF THE INCIDENT OCCURRED ON A PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS SHOULD ALSO BE NOTIFIED.

  5. All Accidental contacts involving the Cooperative’s electric lines, vehicles or property shall be properly and promptly investigated, with complete accident reports prepared, including photographs and sketches to substantiate written reports.


  1. The General Manager will be responsible for the administration of this policy.

  2. Copies of this policy shall be posted in the Cooperative’s reception area.  Copies of this policy shall be forwarded to various public agencies within the Cooperative’s service area.  Copies of this policy shall be given to each new member upon application for service.