Rural Fire Department Billing

Help out your local Fire Department online.

Cookson Hills collects monthly membership dues for all participating volunteer fire departments. Traditionally volunteer fire departments have relied on fundraisers and donations and yearly membership dues to purchase and upgrade their fire equipment. 

For Cookson Hills members that wish to participate, you can pay your dues monthly through us and we will reimburse the fire departments each month.  The amount of dues varies for each fire department, as they determine their own rates.

Blackgum - $4.00
Brent - $3.33
Brushy - $3.00
Central - $5.00
Gans - $3.00
General Haskell - $3.00
Hoyt - $3.00
Keota - $2.00
Kinta - $3.00
Lequire - $3.00
Liberty - $5.00
Lona Valley - $3.00
Maple - $5.00

Marble City - $3.00
McCurtain - $3.00
McKey - $3.00
Muldrow - $5.00
Nicut - $3.00
Redland - $3.00
Rocky Point - $3.00
Southside - $3.00
Tamaha - $3.00
Vian - $4.00
West Tenkiller - $5.00
Whitefield - $3.00

Most departments prefer to have their members utilize our billing system because it simplifies their record keeping and reduces their expenses when contacting the individuals that pay yearly. Our program also helps them make contact with members they may not even realize have moved into the area.

Once the contract is signed, Cookson Hills will post the information to the member's account. At the first of the month when we mail the checks to the departments we forward all contracts we have collected, so the department will have a copy for their records.

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