Application for Electric Service - Business

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

A membership application signed by the applicant shall constitute membership if this application is accepted by the Cooperative.
The undersigned (hereinafter called the "Applicant") hereby applies for membership, and agrees to purchase electric energy from Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. (hereinafter called "Cooperative"), upon the following terms and conditions, unless otherwise altered, amended or changed by separate special contract, which said special contract shall be controlling in case of conflict with any provision hereof.

  1. The Applicant will cause the improvements and facilities on said premises to be wired in accordance with wiring standards and specifications established by the city, town, and state safety codes, and in accordance with the most recent edition of the National Electric Safety Codes and National Electric Code. Applicant further agrees to cause such wiring to be inspected as required by any of the aforesaid codes or agencies, and will pay such inspection fees as are lawfully levied by the inspecting agency, and when such wiring is approved by the inspecting agencies concerned, Applicant will accept electrical service from the Cooperative.
  2. The acceptance of this application by the Cooperative, as hereinafter set out, will obligate the Cooperative to supply electrical service to Applicant, if electrical service is already installed and available at Applicant's premises. Thereafter such service shall continue until written notice of desire to discontinue service is given by either party to the other. After the discontinuance of service as aforesaid, or upon the discontinuance of service by the applicant without compliance with the aforesaid, and where the Applicant has been admitted to membership, such membership shall terminate.
  3. Applicant will comply with, and be bound by the provision of the Articles of Incorporation,  Bylaws of the Cooperative, Terms and Conditions of Service, and such Rules and Regulations as may from time to time be adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Cooperative or other authority having to do therewith, which said Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Terms and Conditions of Service between the parties hereto, are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof, including all lawful amendments or changes that may be affected. A copy of said Bylaws is available and will be furnished to the Applicant upon request.

    It is further understood by and between the parties that all equipment, supplies, wiring, and other electrical facilities installed by the Cooperative upon Applicant's premises pursuant to this agreement, shall be and remain the personal property of the Cooperative, and Applicant hereby specifically authorizes the Cooperative to remove all of its said materials, supplies, equipment, wiring, and electrical facilities upon the termination of this agreement or upon the discontinuation of service.
  4. Applicant agrees and understands that in the event Applicant fails to pay the monthly bill (or such other period as the Cooperative may be billing) for electric and other services rendered by the Cooperative, within 10 days from due date, the Cooperative may, after a notice in writing is mailed or delivered to Applicant's residence (or place of business, if this is a business service), as provided by the Terms and Conditions of Service, and/or Bylaws of the Cooperative, terminate electric service to Applicant, and Applicant expressly releases Cooperative from any liability or damages incurred by Applicant as a result of such termination.
  5. The Applicant, by signing a membership application and becoming a member, assumes no liability or responsibility for any debts or liabilities of the Cooperative, and it is expressly understood that under the law, the Applicant's private property is exempt from execution for any such debts or liabilities. Further, the Applicant agrees to grant right-of-way easements and access to the Cooperative on Applicant's property upon request by the Cooperative to construct, expand, extend, operate and maintain its system as required by law and regulations governing the same. Applicant further agrees to grant unto the Cooperative the right to maintain any right-of-way and keep same free and clear from all obstructions, which may include, but not be limited to, manual cutting of trees, shrubs, foliage and all other forms of obstructions as well as chemical control thereof.
  6. The Applicant will, when electric service becomes available, pay therefore in monthly increments, at rates approved by the Cooperative's Board of Trustees. Rates may be lawfully altered, amended or changed by the Cooperative's Board of Trustees. Applicant hereby agrees that $3.48 of the amount paid for electricity each year is for a subscription to Oklahoma Living magazine, a monthly publication for the members of Oklahoma's Rural Electric Cooperatives. This charge is to apply to the Membership Account only. 
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Telephone Consumer Protection Act

I agree to receive periodic autodialed or prerecorded calls and/or text messages from Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. from the number(s) 800-328-2368 and/or 918-775-2211. I understand that such calls and/or texts may relay information about Pay-As-You-Go prepaid account balances, default accounts, planned outages, and any other information pertaining to the safety of the public, and that I can opt out of receiving such calls and texts at any time. I agree to notify Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. immediately in the event that I voluntarily or involuntarily relinquish any cellular number(s) identified.

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Scammers are once again targeting the Cookson Hills Electric service area. This time, they are not only attempting to swindle money over the phone but are also making personal visits. There have been reports of individuals claiming to be Cookson Hills employees, contractors, or representatives visiting homes and asking to inspect the electric meters. These individuals assert that Cookson Hills Electric is replacing all meters with digital ones to accommodate solar power and that members would be charged $15 a month for the new meter.

We want to assure you that this information is NOT accurate, and these individuals are not affiliated with Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative or Cookson Hills Connect. Here are three simple tips to help you avoid being scammed:

Never give a copy of your bill, driver's license, or personal information such as your date of birth, social security number, or account number to anyone visiting your home, calling, texting, or emailing you. Only provide this information when you visit our office or initiate a call to us.

Watch out for warning signs, such as threats to disconnect your service or requests for payments using gift cards, wire transfers, or other unusual payment methods.

If someone arrives at your home, ask them to wait outside while you call Cookson Hills Electric at 800-328-2368 to verify their identity. If they contact you by phone, hang up and contact us to discuss your account. Don’t reply to an email or text without contacting us first.
You work hard for your money, and scammers try to trick you out of it. Cookson Hills Electric is here to help you avoid these scams. Remember, call us at 800-328-2368 or visit our office, and we will be happy to assist you by addressing any questions you may have. For further information on avoiding scams, visit the Utilities United Against Scams website at