Cookson Hills Electric Partners with Anixter Utility Power Solutions to Upgrade Meters

Beginning in January, Anixter Utility Power Solutions will begin work to upgrade older meters that remain on our system with newer Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters. AMI meters, also known as Smart meters are updated, digital versions of the traditional electrical meter commonly used in the past. AMI meters not only measure how much electricity is used but also at what times during the day. Smart meters are also more accurate than the older meters and are designed to transmit pricing and energy information from the utility company to the consumer (two-way communication). Paired with our SmartHub mobile app and billing software, AMI meters allow members limitless access to their electricity use history. It is easier than ever to pinpoint times of higher consumption so you can make changes to avoid a high bill. Members with AMI meters may view usage hour-by-hour. Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative has contracted with Anixter Utility Power Solutions to upgrade our electric metering system since 2019.

Anixter has over 80 years of experience in the metering industry.

Please call 800-328-2368 with any questions.