Prepaid ( Service Agreement

As an existing member, I understand that when my account is converted to prepaid ( my existing deposit, if any, is applied toward any outstanding balance with the remaining credit applied to my prepaid service. All fees and unbilled energy must be paid, or an initial prepaid payment arrangement must be made before an account can be converted from standard billing to prepaid.  A new prepaid account will be required to pay $35.00 to begin service.

As a new prepaid ( member, a security deposit is not required and I am not subject to reconnection fees. I UNDERSTAND THAT AS A PREPAID ( MEMBER, I WILL NOT RECEIVE A MONTHLY BILL OR STATEMENT.

Prepaid ( electric service requires the member’s account to have sufficient funds at all times. Electric service will be subject to immediate disconnection without further notice at any time the account does not have sufficient funds. Medical conditions and/or inclement weather will not postpone disconnection. If a return payment is received, the amount of the returned item and any returned item fee will be charged to the consumer’s account immediately. If this causes the credit on the account to be exhausted, service will be subject to immediate disconnect without any notifications. The cooperative has the right to refuse payment by check if the account has had two (2) returned items within the past twelve months.

I understand that prepaid accounts are not eligible for standard payment arrangements or budget billing. Energy assistance payments will be applied when the payment has been received by Cookson Hills Electric. Energy Assistance pledges by government agencies and other reputable independent organizations will be accepted to keep the service active. As a prepaid ( member, I understand that the existence of medical and health conditions of any person located at the address where the electric service is furnished will not postpone the disconnection of service. 

Payments can be made in the office, by mail, by phone, and by web at If service is terminated due to insufficient funds in your prepaid account, the service will be reconnected on any business day between the hours 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. when the prepaid account has sufficient funds. If a payment is made after 8:00 p.m. the service will not be reconnected until the following day beginning at 6 a.m.

If service is terminated due to nonpayment and remains disconnected for 10 days or more, the account will be settled and final billed.  Accounts will receive a refund on any remaining credit on the account. If a balance is still owed at this time, a final bill will be mailed to the last known address, and payment is expected immediately to prevent the account from being reported to a credit bureau. Prepaid ( in no way releases the member’s responsibility for the final balance. 

I understand that after I have been on the program for a minimum of six (6) consecutive months, I may elect to convert my account to standard billing, but upon doing so I will be required to pay any disconnect/reconnect fees that I avoided by converting to the Prepaid ( program. Cookson Hills Electric will also require full payment of electric usage and a deposit, if required, as a condition of continued service.

I understand these terms and conditions and I understand the difference between standard billing and prepaid. I hereby request to establish a prepaid ( account with Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. I also understand that it is my responsibility to maintain a sufficient prepaid balance to continue service. I have the authority to sign this agreement on behalf of my Spouse and/or Co-Applicant.

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Telephone Consumer Protection Act

I agree to receive periodic autodialed or prerecorded calls and/or text messages from Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. from the number(s) 800-328-2368 and/or 918-775-2211. I understand that such calls and/or texts may relay information about Pay-As-You-Go prepaid account balances, default accounts, planned outages, and any other information pertaining to the safety of the public, and that I can opt out of receiving such calls and texts at any time. I agree to notify Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative, Inc. immediately in the event that I voluntarily or involuntarily relinquish any cellular number(s) identified.

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