July 10, 2017


CHEC has contracted with Progressive Solutions, LLC, to proceed with our annual brush control program on the right-of-way associated with CHEC.

Starting in August, Progressive Solutions’ crews will be spraying certain areas within Sequoyah, Muskogee, and Haskell Counties. The program is expected to last approximately three weeks.  They will be selectively spraying the tall growing brush under the electric lines, using products that will stop the growth of brush and trees in the right-of-way.

Please note that the people spraying on your property are indeed doing work on behalf of CHEC. Progressive Solutions’ crews will walk the right-of-way using backpack sprayers. The contractor crews’ vehicles should be identified by a company name or logo on the door of their vehicle.

Progressive Solutions, LLC, are responsible applicators, and the products they use are selected based on our concerns for your safety and for our environment.  Their service is one of the very effective tools that we use to assure reliable electric service.

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 800-328-2368 or 918-775-2211.


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