August 5, 2019


In the March 2019 issue of the Hot Watts, we announced that Osmose Utilities Service, Inc. would begin inspecting and treating power poles owned by CHEC. This project was delayed due to the heavy rainfall we received this past spring. Osmose will begin Tuesday, August 6. Osmose crews will start working in the Lona Valley and Beaver Mountain area.

Osmose will inspect and test poles making sure they have the proper strength requirements. Poles that pass all strength requirements will be treated to prevent future decay. Those that do not have the proper strength requirements will be replaced. This process will involve excavating around the poles.

This project will greatly enhance the reliability of CHEC's power system. Osmoses’ vehicle will be identified by an Osmose logo on the door of the vehicle as well as a magnetic placard of CHEC's logo. They will also carry a letter identifying them as working on behalf of CHEC. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 800-328-2368.

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