March 2, 2021


Members may notice MDR Construction crews working on our distribution lines. Cookson Hills Electric has contracted with MDR to help expedite the completion of the make ready construction phase of our fiber-to-the-home project. Our Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative logo will be displayed on the MDR vehicles to help members more easily identify the crews.

The timeline for make ready construction can vary widely, typically from one-to-four months for each substation. During this phase, crews make the changes necessary to accommodate fiber. Line crews change poles, move transformers from one side of the pole to another, move wires on the pole, add new anchors to the poles, and perform other work to allow the fiber to be placed during the fiber construction phase. While service interruptions are avoided whenever possible during this work, crews may need to de-energize power to a transformer in order to safely make the necessary updates to the poles and hardware.

We are proud to continue the legacy of Cookson Hills with a new era of economic, educational and community growth for our area created by the transformational power of gigabit-speed internet. The value of this service has only been intensified by our “new normal” in the wake of the COVID pandemic.  We understand that, and are committed to work as fast as possible to serve all of our members, however we do ask for your continued patience as we are still in the early stages of bringing fiber to our valued members.




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