February 11, 2021


Osmose Pole Load Analysis

We wanted to make our members aware of the ongoing pole loading analysis being performed by Osmose Utility Services. You may be familiar with Osmose, as Cookson Hills Electric has contracted with the Osmose company in the past to do pole inspections on our system. The current service being conducted is called a pole loading analysis, and this process gets us one step closer to making fiber-to- the-home (FTTH) a reality. The analysis is done to ensure the current system infrastructure is sufficient to support the fiber being added to our existing poles, and to highlight any potential areas which may need added or modified structures. Osmose does this analysis by using a combination of new technology including LiDAR and image recognition equipment. This technology allows workers to take digital images of the existing equipment as opposed to manually measuring the system components. You may see an Osmose vehicle with a roof mounted camera system, or even see workers walking along the distribution line with a backpack style camera similar to the image below. To help our members identify contract crews, vehicles will have an Osmose logo on the door of the vehicle as well as a magnetic placard with the CHEC logo. Crews will also carry a letter identifying them as working on behalf of CHEC. Questions regarding the project can be directed to Jason Fontaine, Director of Engineering, at 800-328-2368.

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